Technorati Imabwezeretsanso Tsamba la Zida… ndi Zida Zabwino!

Dorion Carroll just wrote me from Technorati and they’ve ‘retooled’ their Blogger’s Tools page with a soft launch of some new Technorati blogging tools. You guys know that I’m a Technorati nut!

The page is laid out much nicer and includes the launch of a few new tools, including the Technorati Authority Plugin. I’ve modified my site and will be up in a few minutes with it! (It’s under my Rank Plugin on the Sidebar).

I wrote the Technorati Rank Plugin for WordPress a few weeks ago. I used quite a few technologies to make writing the plugin a little easier (cURL, PHP5, SimpleXML, WP-Cache, etc.) so I’ve gotten some pushback that it doesn’t work with many hosts.

If you folks would simply move to a good host, you wouldn’t have to worry about it! 😉

Readers of my site can get 12 months of FREE Hosting! Hit the bottom of my Tsamba pafupi for a free 12 months with my host.


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      Thanks! I could not have done it without all of you. I need some new goals, my goal was 5,000 this year. I didn’t realize that as you grow in acceptance, your rank really grows faster as you climb. I suppose once you get into the top 500 it begins to slow down again.

      Let’s hope we both find out!


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    I came by this site because of your Technorati plugin and got interested in the comments posted. So I decided to subscribe and see where it goes. Thanks for now…

    … Dave

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